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Attorneys Ashley Pileika and Darren Wolf of the Law Office of Darren Wolf and Beth Fegan of FeganScott represent Plaintiffs Madeline Kane ("Madeline"), Marissa Sepulveda ("Marissa"), and Catherine Ann Capello ("Catherine Ann") in a Title IX lawsuit against Loyola University Chicago. You can read the complaint here.

Plaintiffs allege Loyola has systematically mishandled and underreported student complaints of sexual misconduct, contrary to federal and state regulations in addition to its own internal policies and procedures, dating back to at least 2011.

Despite knowledge sexual assault is endemic and Loyola's students are routinely injured, the University has failed, and continues to fail, to take effective preventive measures and has allowed this dangerous situation to persist and cause harm to students, including Plaintiffs, creating a campus culture of deliberate indifference and tacit acceptance of sexual misconduct.

If you were sexually assaulted and/or harassed on campus and subjected to discrimination by your university thereafter, our office is happy to speak with you and to seek justice and compensation on your behalf. Please call us today at (214) 346-5355.

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