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Every person, regardless of gender, deserves the right to take advantage of the full and equal possibilities provided to students and employees by every educational institution in the United States, according to our highly trained Title IX and Conduct Code lawyers. She works assiduously to defend persons whose legal rights are violated in the context of Title IX because of this. 


Despite being most frequently linked to athletics, Title IX offers protection from a variety of wrongs, including sexual harassment and assault as well as job discrimination.

Under Title IX, employees and students are granted a wide range of rights, including those that forbid sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and illegal retribution. All genders, including transgender people, are susceptible to gender discrimination. Additionally, children who are also parents are given safeguards under Section (a)(8) of the Act, so if a school offers mother-daughter services or activities to its students or employees, it should also offer father-son chances (and visa versa). 


Any form of unfavorable treatment in response to reporting possibly unlawful discrimination or harassment qualifies as potentially unlawful retaliation under the statute. Examples of unfavorable reprisals directed at students include the following:


  • Refusal to allow participation on a sports team, a decrease in playing time, or switching to a position on the squad that is less desired 

  • Reduction in academic course grades 

  • Harassment or other forms of abuse in the classroom or on the playing field 

  • Expulsion or suspension from an institution or a program

Please, don't hesitate to contact our highly skilled Title IX attorneys if you think your Title IX rights have been violated, whether you've been accused or you are a victim. 

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